Within each of us there is a silence--
a silence as vast as the universe. We are afraid of it. . . and we long for it. When we experience that silence, we remember who we are. Silence is our deepest nature, our home, our common ground, our peace. Silence reveals. Silence heals.

                             ~ Gunilla Norris

Upcoming Retreats

In the upcoming year I will be offering day long retreats at my office, dates to be posted on this site in the future. Offerings will include:

"Do Not Ask the Soul To Hold Back" . . . A day of gathering, resting, sharing, exploring, and ritual to engage the Soul's desire.

"The Edge of Sorrow" . . . Exploring the natural role grief plays in our lives through group work, sharing, writing, and ritual.

"Finding Beauty in the Darkness" . . . Learning about how the role of the Shadow, the places we have banished to the dark, hold our greatest Strength and Creativity.